Electric Bass Guitar Lessons

electric bass guitar lessons
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Is it difficult to play bass?

I love the bass, like the old Green Day, and the electric bass at the beginning of "animal which became "The Three Days Grace. I was thinking about buying a bass guitar and learn to play. I had a couple of questions. Is it difficult? Can you teach myself classless? What is the cost of good bass guitar?

I have a small and very funny. I play for a few months and I learned. Only Google tabs. Usually the final use or guitar.com bassmasta.net. The cards are fairly easy to follow. And then you can simply bases YouTube and other things. That's what I did, anyway. = D Mmm .. Usually cost between $ 300 and up. I'm not sure how to mine because it was a Christmas gift. Haha. = D Try going to different http://www.guitarcenter.com/ and looking weak, you may be interested in contributing Hope. Good luck! =]

electric bass guitar lessons