Learn To Play Guitar Metallica

learn to play guitar metallica
Bleeding Me – Metallica – learn how to play rock metal riffs, easy electric guitar lesson & tab

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How difficult is Metallica "One" to learn the guitar?

I have no experience with guitars, but I really want learn Metallica playing "One", if you just watch and imitate videos of people playing that long would it take for a person to be able to play? (I do not want Guitar Hero) 100 hours? 300? Is it possible?

It is ironic, but this is the first song I learned on guitar (not all the way). But it's really not that difficult. The solos are not really difficult. If you get the right label is easier than you think. It is therefore clear sound and best part is what is most convenient. The only distortion is not it crazy, but keep mind when reading Kirk uses his choice rather than the finger. Add some people that play on YouTube to do things well and very reliable if you can not find videos to help you and read labels and try to play well with others that are good. This will help us a lot. I'll be around 6 / 10 difficulties. 10 something as Dimebag Solos or Stevie Ray Vaughn crooked as all get out chords and scales to learn this is ridiculous = p

learn to play guitar metallica

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