Learn To Play Guitar Los Angeles

learn to play guitar los angeles
Roger Hodgson and Supertramp – Easy Does It/Sister Moonshine Guitar lesson

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who wants to be in a band with me?

hey people wannt i make a band im learning to play guitar and keyboards and sings: D I want to do as a group? Rock, but can be any type of rock or indie or punk or kould be a bit of metal or wat ev im very open minded cousin:) um i beileve be funn and if it works and if I want our sound, then maybe we can go from there …. I am also 13 courses on 14 dosnt really matter but just lettin you know … I live in Los Angeles California, my brother goes to skwl movies and music and freinds who can connect me, so yeah, I also want to be an actress, but I want to be a musician first, so they more likely to be on TV if your interested in me about you and your age and you live and if you can send a photo of your car and if yu have a myspace add me: http://www.myspace.com/529445022 and no rude answers cousin id i really do not know why you should or I have a fu_k

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learn to play guitar los angeles