Learn Guitar Scales Dvd

learn guitar scales dvd
MJS Easy Bass Guitar Scales Lesson DVD – Learn Over 50 Common and Exotic Scales

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When should you learn guitar theory?

I have been playing guitar for a year now. I never thought i would want to get into guitar theory, but I have realized its the best thing if I really want to get good. I know a couple scales, and can play them pretty fast. I know many covers, and i am fast with my fingers….i just dont know if im good enough to even try to learn chord theory yet. So please tell me what a good indication point is that you would be ready to start on theory. Also some good sites or programs, or even DVD’s I could use would be helpful. Thanks!
I know tons of chords….and im accurate

I have been playing/learning for about 5 yrs.
I recently came across a instructional book that has been my greatest learning tool yet.
“Fretboard Logic.”
It explains the lay out of the guitar, things will all start making sense.
It uses the “CAGED” theory on layout. It makes total sense.
I’m still not very good at playing lol, but i do enjoy it very much, and now I understand the reasoning for chord shapes and scales.
Good luck

learn guitar scales dvd

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