Learn To Play Guitar Easy And Fast

learn to play guitar easy and fast
Learn To Play Blues Guitar Licks Fast And Easy

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Is it difficult to learn to play guitar?

Well lately I've been more into music and sound I like how the guitar sounds. I bought a guitar learning, not as one of the most expensive. I know that studies guitar is not easy nor quick, but no one can help tell me how long it takes to learn to play. I talk about playing at home, nothing fancy. Oh, and I also think that learning from a professional. Thank you

Depends on the teacher and the motivation they need to learn and practice. Set goals with the teacher and tell him you want to accomplish. Autodidact frustrate you and you can get bad habits that are more difficult to correct once you start playing, unless of course you are a super genius. It fun and treat it as an art.

learn to play guitar easy and fast