Learn To Play Guitar And Sing

learn to play guitar and sing
Learn to Sing and Play Guitar

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What are good ways to learn to play guitar and sing along.?

I know how to play guitar, but I do can not sing and play the same Tiim. I would like to learn some exercises or maybe some advice to other players who have had problems with that.

The reason it's so difficult to sing and play instruments at the same time, it is because you try to divide their attention between two very different tasks of equal difficulty. So the solution is to learn some – like the guitar part – so much so that you do not think too much (or something). This frees you to focus more attention in the song. Or if you've been singing all part of life and makes it easy for you, but you're struggling with the guitar, learning the vocals so you can remember all the words and sing the song without having to think, you can focus your conscious attention to the guitar. Either way works. Hope this helps.

learn to play guitar and sing