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How did Slash learn guitar????!!!!

is that all he did jamming to Aerosmith tracks? Thats all? How do you get that good from just improvising out of scale and key to some tracks? Do you think he learned all of the scales or trained himself to know all of the notes by ear because form reading him book it doesn’t seem like he learned guitar using any scales or anything but thats what I’m trying to do but i love Slash and gotta learn like him

Okay…first of all, Slash is almost completely self-taught.

After receiving his first guitar from his grandmother at age 15 (it only had one string…) he learned how to play guitar by practicing for upwards of 12 hours a day.

He did take some lessons early on, but found them boring because he wanted to play like Eric Clapton and Joe Perry…and he didn’t feel that the lessons were teaching him how to do that.

(In actuality, Slash got bored with the lessons and quit going. However, unlike most people, he didn’t quit the guitar when he quit the lessons….he redoubled his efforts with respect to the guitar and practiced HARDER…)

He can’t read music. He can’t mark time. He can’t tell you what note he’s playing. But, he can shred. And he can shred because he grew up practicing for upwards of 12 hours a day.

Now then. You say you want to “learn” like him. First of all, this is completely idiotic. Everyone learns differently, so you should want to learn to play the guitar in a way that works best for YOU….not the way that worked for someone else.

Spending 12 hours a day listening to Aerosmith and figuring out how to generate the sound that Joe Perry was making worked for Slash…but, unless your brain works just like his, then chances are, that won’t work for you.

You could certainly try it and see what happens, but my guess is that it won’t be a terribly efficient use of your time….

Edit: Michael, the asker says that he wants to LEARN like Slash, not learn to PLAY like Slash. Learning like someone is a completely different ball of wax than learning to PLAY like someone. If he wants to play like Slash, I agree that he should be trying to imitate Slash…but unless his brain is wired exactly the same way, actually mastering the guitar by following the same steps that Slash did is likely counter-productive.

learn guitar tracks

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