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learn guitar technique
Learn Guitar Techniques: Metal (Kirk Hammett Style) Part 2

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How can I learn to play guitar quickly?

I know some basic concepts … how to read labels, simple chords, etc. do not have time or resources to take classes, but I would like to improve. Any suggestions on songs and easy to learn techniques for testing?

In fact, the guitar is very easy to learn. (Unless you are trying to learn classical guitar.) But if you do learn a few songs playing with friends, everything you need to know are a few basic chords, and maybe some scales if you want to play riffs and stuff. The scales are easy if you have a good ear. There are several sites that offer online graphic agreement, which is more or less how I learned the basics. I took some lessons, but mostly I was a teacher. What I did was just go online and read the agreements of my favorite songs, model scratch practice and chord changes drilled. On learning songs that you know helps you learn new agreements as well. I hope I have said something that could help somehow. Good luck!

learn guitar technique

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