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i can play guitar buy
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What is a good guitar to buy for beginners?

Hello, I was wondering what kind of guitar to buy for me. I never touched guitar, but I'll start taking lessons. I need a good guitar, but can be expensive. Thank you

Rather than asking what kind of guitar to buy, ask yourself this question: "I do not really like the guitar I'll buy." Because it would certainly be more pleasant and easier to learn / play when you use a guitar that I love you. Never buy a guitar, simply because a famous or someone you should buy guy says, to end up not playing or practicing with him because you find that you do not like the way the guitar looks or feel. A guitar in the corner behind your room does not become a good guitarist, no matter what "brand" is the guitar. Choose a guitar that you really like or want to do for you, try to watch all the guitars that are within your personal budget to see if you like the look of the guitar you are aiming at if you buy and how he and within your budget, buy it by all means. You can also visit this site for more information and other materials on guitar => http://all-guitar-online.com/buy-guitar-and-accessories/

i can play guitar buy