Software To Play Guitar Through Computer

software to play guitar through computer
StealthPedal Guitar Interface/Controller trailer – Plug your guitar into your computer and rock

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"I can record my guitar on my Vista laptop? What software do I need?

I have a concert, and I'm in a band, and we We need a rhythm guitarist, so I have to admit that what may be heard by the speakers while the rest of the band plays. I daring and WavePad, and I tried both but niether work. I also have the power of distortion guitar amplifier, and a benefit in line with a cable from the telephone jack of the amplifier microphone on your computer. I also put on the gain line with a cat on the guitar goes into the laptop and it works not. What software do I need? Thank you for your help =]

Two parts of this response. A: Audacity should work correctly under Vista. Check that (a) entry is not cut with the sound control panel. (Speaker icon in the taskbar). (B) is a drop-down list at the top right of the program to select the entry for the record – set in the microwave if you have only a microphone input or line, if you have one. Part B: On professional point of view and practice, it is preferable to the concert without the use of monitoring and rhythm guitarist. The Who, The Police and Queen are three bands that come to mind who did very well without him. In practice, the whole band will take your time and its rhythm track signals instead of the battery. This means that the whole band will have to learn a new way to play the songs. If it works performed a miracle. Do you need an account at the beginning of each recorded song. Foldback average level if used must be strong enough to control all members. Most critics of the battery to listen. Errors can occur live. If you miss a singer that the band can cover the error. If this happens with the rhythm track (who often do not set reference) of the rhythm track should be cut immediately. I can see the logic in what we're trying to do, but in practice it will not work not. It is good to have a rhythm guitar in the mix, but it should not have an instrument. Play it safe and stick with what you know.

software to play guitar through computer

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