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learn guitar tabs online free
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I learning Bass Guitar simple?

I currently play saxophone, percussion, clarinet and keyboard… Im thinking of taking up bass guitar in my free time so I can get with some of my buddies and jam out with them. I would like to know if I pick up a bass guitar if it would be easy to teach myself with method books and online stuff. If push comes to shove I would probably get a few private lessons.
I can read notes and rhythms… Im guessing the only thing that will be new to me is learning the notes on the guitar and finger positions… I do now what to play tabs though, I want to read notes.
How easy is this? (learning bass guitar) I have no interest in slap bass btw. I don’t know if those are two different instruments to even begin with. : )
All the help will be great! Thanks!

Learning the bass is easy, i have been playing for four years now and i learned two songs within one week of buying the guitar. I understand you want to learn notes and not tabs but tabs are easy and you will learn songs faster. I recommend learning some Blink 182 songs until you are confidant you can progress or even play your own stuff. Also, all slap bass is, is simply slapping the strings with your thumb. For that I recommend “Body Crumbles” from Dry Cell. For a beginner, try picking up a Gibson Squire, its what I started with and it never let me down. Good luck and have fun!

learn guitar tabs online free

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