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1959, Gibson EB-2 bass guitar, the price?

I bought this excellent tool for an old neighbor of mine who was the owner of origin. I used to play in what looked like a big band or a dance band. I also used the amp, an original Ampeg Portaflex. anyway, I saw a similar guitar on eBay for around $ 7000 and I wanted some of his views on the price. He box original and is in excellent condition. I had a bit light freight work and created by renowned violin maker more than a few cities. Serial in 1959, the 2nd year of production, and what I learned is the style of the first electric bass guitar, is that correct? also has the original tuners banjo style. http://i297.photobucket.com/albums/mm216/nathanielthedestroyer/eb2-1.jpg http://i297.photobucket http://i297.photobucket.com/albums/mm216/nathanielthedestroyer/eb2-2.jpg. com/albums/mm216/nathanielthedestroyer/eb2-3.jpg

Hello This bass was introduced in 1958 and, in fact, was a music store at the time. LOL If you have purchased for $ 300, so. If in good condition, price is between 6500 to 7500.00, but depending on demand, can go a little higher or lower. The weak was reintroduced in 1964.

learn guitar luthier