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learn guitar in egypt
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Where can I buy an acoustic guitar in Alexandria, Egypt?

I'm American and I came here recently, so I have no idea nothing there. is a place where I can buy guitars here for a good price? and I want to learn to play guitar so I can know where? teachers are all American? thank you! (:

Green Plaza has two stores that sell good guitars … There is also a shop in an area called "Sporting" but if you're new, it is difficult to say where … so just go to Green Plaza is well known .. the two stores are adjacent to each other .. which are the second Floor .. the price is around $ 50-75 depending on quality and you can ask for a discount:) can be studied at the Conservatory or a cultural center my friend is going Mansheya (who could ask the exact address for you) … I used to play a few years ago, but no more .. I wish I knew enough to teach me lol:)

learn guitar in egypt