Learn Guitar In 30 Days

learn guitar in 30 days
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Learn guitar!?

I am 14 years old, has just started Grade 9. I play the piano – he played third year – and I play the flute in the interval of 3 years but only recently left the group, which has even tried to play the saxophone, but was not very good at it. As you can see, I like instruments. Well, now I really want to learn electric guitar. I want to buy a kit for 280 million guitar for beginners start with a beginner guitar, Fender and many other things. Anyway, I started taking lessons, too. Finally I want to learn acoustic too (maybe after one year to learn electric) and I want to play both types of guitar. For all guitarists, the challenge is learning the guitar and read the map? I know a lot about music through my other instruments. I dedicate myself to practice 30 minutes a day and perhaps over the weekend. How long does it take to break the barrier of the participant and be able to play cool music? Some tips for learning? Thank you!

learn to play the guitar should not be too difficult for you and who are familiar with the music. He taught me to play when I was 10. I learned acoustic first. was not too hard. The hardest thing was, I have small hands, so I often had to change some agreements about working for me. lessons would be of great help. but if you are specialized to be beyond beginner by the new year. Good luck!

learn guitar in 30 days

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