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learn guitar in 30 days free
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How to start playing guitar?

I recently got hold of a guitar from my aunt. -.- It's pink and nearly 30 years. Were poor so it is not the best. In my opinion, who cares? My friends want to have a band and want me to be a rhythm guitarist. What do I start? I want the root of things and eventually turn into Yngwie, Dimebag, Buckethead things. I'm ready to practice five hours or more per day (all my free time: l) In the three days I learned: Kalamazoo by Primus Introduction Walk Pantera Raining Blood, and not only … Thank you in advance to any person who answers:)

Going to be boring, but man, I have to practice. And in practice, I mean playing on a large scale of about 3 million times a day to increase coordination and finger strength. After being built, you have to practice new technical riffs and slowly but perfectly. In this way, after three weeks of practice (the time it takes for your brain to remember an action such as smoking) very hard, it perfectly every time, because the practice ensures fingers and the brain is slow to learn from the first time.

learn guitar in 30 days free