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learn to play guitar download free
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Where can I learn to read music?

Well, I want to learn to play guitar. I want to learn to read the card and / or MUSIS notes. Is there a website that can teach people who know absolutely nothing about musical notes or tab. I need something wayyyyy beginner! Do u know a web application or iPod? If you know a website to ensure that AIN is free and I have to download it. Please help me if Please !!!!! I need help! Yu Yu and if the instrument can tell me yur experience of learning the notes at least? Thank you soooooooo much! Much love!

With tablature for guitar and strings would help rather than musical notes. I will be a classical pianist noted that the piano is probably one of the most effective ways to learn to read musical notation. Once you can play the piano, his knowledge of the music is waaaaay more about the people who started in any other instrument. You will be able to play with both hands at the same time, while reading two different rods in two different keys! Then the piano is knowledge that can be easily transferred through the guitar later. The best thing you can do by itself, the instrument you choose, you get a teacher. If you try to teach perhaps too easy for you and do not know not how the level of progress properly. A teacher is the ultimate source of knowledge and motivation to the beginner. Get a cool, young teacher who knows his case.

learn to play guitar download free