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What fun, easy to learn songs on guitar?

I am 14 years old and just had my first lesson guitar last Friday, so far, I can play Smoke on the water perfect and the Inspector Gadget theme song (my teacher … asked to learn what he learns this basic practice.) about 4 times a day, I miss playing and play the same thing again and again … There how are you funny songs I could learn? g nothing is too difficult … I want something fun to learn. Or maybe a site which would have the TAB to see me? I hope to play mostly rock music … but all that would be awesome:) Thanks in advance:)

There are a lot of punk songs that are easy to use, especially the chord-fifth of smoke on the water and there are many other songs very easy. Go www.ultimate-guitar.com for tabs for. Sheena Is A Punk Rocker – Ramones (Ramones deal with any song) A Hard Day's Night – The Beatles in your sun Love – Cream You Really Got Me – The Kinks All these things I've done – The Killers playing with fire – Rolling Stones Hard to explain – The Strokes Paranoid – Black Sabbath Seven Nation Army – The White Stripes More Than A Feeling – Boston Death or Glory – The Road to Hell The Clash – AC / DC, Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here Jeff Buckley – Hallelujah Karma Police – Radiohead Pieces of What – MGMT The Kooks – Love It All Here's my advice to you as a beginner. Look for a simple melody hey you really like and learn to play by ear. Just browse the music if you want to play and learn, will be very rewarding. So I just try to play music you love and to be much easier to learn. So I did and I do not know if the passion is there anyone can. Learning by a combination of ear and eyelashes make you a better player. Moreover, its fun to give me more confidence for good luck and do not give up!

learn guitar gadget