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learn guitar ebooks
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How to play the violin?

I know how to read music very well, but now I do not know how to play the violin. Has anyone books e "free" thank you …. im learning to play the violin because I play the guitar so I can make more complex songs. Oh, do you believe it is easier to play the violin or viola?, because I like the sound of the viola better …. thank you all

Violin is an instrument that requires a professional teachers and the curriculum. The nuances involved in the violin is not good intuitive. That is, you will not be able to read a book or watch a video and learn them. You need a teacher to teach and tell you how to do it properly. If you have a guitar teacher, you should stay with it and keep practicing the guitar. You should try to become really good at an instrument. I would not recommend trying to learn to play the violin on his own. You develop bad habits, then spend years trying to undo when / if you decide to be good violin. If you learn to play the violin or viola, then you will be able to take another instrument. I have many violins and violas groups. Instruments are equally difficult, but the violin repertoire is decidedly more.

learn guitar ebooks