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learn guitar as seen on tv
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Everyone knows about the movie Paris, Texas man on learning the guitar for children with disabilities?

I remember a movie "Paris Texas in the 1980s there is television, a man is to teach children with disabilities to play guitar in the country. I can not find info about the movie that I do not remember many details, but sounds a bell and no one can answer me please and give me more information or any James Bond movie. Whenever I can get google another film of the same name that is not what I'm looking for, thank you. Although my grammar is wrong in my question, but I was hastily writing smart ass. And this is not the film I'm looking, as I said in my question, NO is the movie I get through Google with the same name. You're talking about is not the movie I'm on about.

This is the only one who appears. Paris, Texas is a 1984 American film directed by Wim Wenders. Scenario: LM Kit Carson and playwright Sam Shepard, and distinctive score music was composed by Ry Cooder. Cinematography is by Robby Müller. The movie stars the actor Harry Dean Stanton as Travis, who lost four years and is welcomed by his brother (played by Dean Stockwell). Later, he tries to put his life back and understand what happened between him and his wife (Nastassja Kinski) Jane and his son Hunter (Hunter Carson) The film was co-production between companies in France and West Germany, but was turned United States. I think he meant "to teach children with disabilities guitar man"

learn guitar as seen on tv