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New Apple iPod touch 64 GB MC011BT A newer version

New Apple iPod touch 64 GB The latest versions of MC011BT A

New Apple iPod touch 64 GB The latest versions of MC011BT A
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I am over this new iPod Touch a month after he ordered it catches up on me the road. I have a classic all right, but now, after four years shows his age by the Assembly to change. I do not expect much difference. Perhaps as Cover Flow, or the way it presents the GUI, but nothing prepared me for what this thing can do. I a person who loves gadgets and is very comfortable around technology, so it takes a lot to impress. I just bought a new Vaio style is there for me. I have an iPAQ which is fine, but Windows Mobile has left much to be desired. Well, straight from the box does not work my office network. Should I buy another, and not a problem, but be careful if you are old. Does not work. In any case, charging and synchronization Touch with my iTunes library, which is faster than the old classic, I swear, I've changed. It is absolutely incredible. Keep this beautiful piece of hardware is well done and the technology is so intuitive to work, I was pretty dam word. All the music is there, clear images and fast moving compared to the old classic, I can not believe that Apple has come with this product. I tried to maps and other programs that I downloaded free application store and was very impressed. When I hit the mail icon. And "my WiFi so fast that the appearance iPAQ as dinosaurs. When the network is in the detail accounting is considered to be related to my e-mail in an instant. Without hesitation, graphics, and then move rapidly between different messages. Connection Program icons Amazon had removed. I can not believe the iPod can do what he did. Apple is great. Kit is somewhat surprising. Even my wife can use and she admits she is not good with gadgets. Accordingly, the two friends now and for a laptop instead for me, I'll IPAD. Feel free to order this item. We can not believe what you can do. Forget everything else is the future! This is the real deal. However, I think it's a slippery slope in the world to me Apple!

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Details Technical

  • NOTE: This is the latest version of the iPod Touch 64 GB (Lance 09, 2009)
  • personal music player for a maximum than 14,000 songs or 80 hours of video
  • See the latest movies or TV programs in widescreen 3.5-inch multi-touch works
  • Surf the Web, send email, update your social networks and view maps through Wi-Fi
  • See, you can buy and play more of 75,000 games and applications iTunes Store home
  • Learn voice control, new mixtures of Genius and Nike + sync many Other new features

Product Description

Description Manufacturer

See, hear, touch anything that entertains you in a very large iPod.
iPod touch lets you enjoy everything you love about iPod and more. Watch movies and TV shows on a bright 3.5-inch screen. Using the revolutionary Multi-Touch interface to navigate your music in Cover Flow. And every time we welcome more entertainment Touch iTunes to browse and buy on the fly.

Can accommodate up to 14,000 songs and up to 30 hours of audio playback, the iPod touch gives you non-stop musical entertainment. Genius and Mixes and features to add voice command even more ways for you to discover their music.

Operate the iPod Touch through
new voice command function

Voice Control
Listening to music, and now they listen to music. The new models of 32 GB and 64 GB iPod touch voice command function. So you can tell the iPod touch to play songs in a playlist or an artist specific. Or speak simple commands like "random", "Pause" and "the next song." You can even ask the name the song is played (and listening to iPod touch response).

Mixtures Genius
The Genius feature is still more powerful. Presentation of Engineering mixtures. All we do is sync your iPod touch with iTunes Genius automatically search your library and find songs that go great together. Then, create up to 12 mixes you'll love. These mixtures are like programmed radio station with your music.

Genius playlists
Say you're listening a song on your iPod touch that you really like and want to hear more Songs that go with it. Just click on the icon of a genius. Genius will automatically find the songs on your iPod touch that goes with your song selected and makes a Genius Playlist for you.

Apple Earphones with Remote and Mic and New 32GB Model 64GB iPod touch comes with Apple Earphones with Remote and Mic, which are perfect for using the Voice Memo and voice commands.

Film / TV + Entertainment
Your selection private hopes that the iPod touch. View the latest movie or episode of your favorite comedy anytime you want. Store up to 80 hours of video and up to 6 hours of video playback on the new iPod touch.

Part of what makes the iPod touch the most amazing thing is that iTunes is literally fingertips. Wi-Fi and a quick tap is all it takes to get instant access to millions of songs and thousands of films and television. Not to mention applications, audiobooks and podcasts, and iTunes U lectures. See Preview and buy this album I wanted. Parking tout le monde happy with the film, or part of its collection. iTunes on the iPod touch is the door to endless possibilities of entertainment.

Surf Web, email, and how to get where you are.
Most of what you do online with a computer can do easily on the iPod touch. Integrated Wi-Fi means you can check your favorite blogs, send an e-mail with an attached photo, or know how to get to this new restaurant. When you think about it, the iPod touch is a computer in your pocket. How's your hand?

Enter your e-mails, either
landscape or portrait

Email on iPod touch looks and acts like email on your computer. View rich HTML email, including attachments. Mail recognized file types like. Doc,. Jpg,. other MP3, and a lot. And the introduction Mail iPod touch is easy because it automatically configuring popular accounts such as Gmail, MobileMe, Yahoo, AOL and Microsoft Exchange.

Writing the iPod touch is easy. This is because it has a smart keyboard that predicts and suggests words as you type. Write something more? When you turn iPod touch on its side, the keyboard switches from portrait to landscape with large keys and more space to write.

Improvement Performance
The new iPod touch – available in 32 GB and 64 GB models – is up to 50 percent faster than the generation of the iPod touch above. Thus, to quickly launch applications and web pages load in a fraction of the time.

If you're in a place with a wireless network, iPod touch instantly recognize. If it is Wi-Fi is good to go. Output of one of its Wi-Fi depends application, like Safari or iTunes, and that you are. Some wireless networks may require a password, but the iPod touch has that covered too. Simply enter the password once, and remembers the iPod touch. The next time you're within range of the network, which is connected automatically.

Safari – the leading web browser, designed for Macs and PCs – also comes in the iPod touch. Safari on iPod Touch allows you to bring electricity to the size of the Internet in your pocket. Simply connect to a Wi-Fi, Safari and can be used for almost anything you do using a web browser on a computer. In fact, web pages, exactly the same on the iPod touch as they do on your computer.

Stay in touch with friends through
Facebook, Aim, Twitter and other social networks

Know where you are and where you'll Maps on iPod touch. If connected to a network wireless, you can find your site and get a list of turn-by-step. The cards are also points of interest search keywords. Tell your friends and you have a craving for pizza. Press the search type in "pizza", and maps showing nearby restaurants. More Maps on iPod touch

Social Networking
The iPod touch is the only iPod that helps you stay connected. So that whenever you you say: "I must do my Facebook status" or "That deserves a tweet on your iPod touch. social networking applications like Facebook, LinkedIn and here button.

As you play with friends in the room or across the world.
iPod touch games are made to leverage its technology base, as the accelerometer, multi-touch, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The result is truly immersive game – Whether playing alone or with others in multiplayer mode. And with an App Store offers thousands of games ready to download and play, have fun iPod Touch never ends.

Performance and graphics
The new models of 32 GB and 64 GB iPod touch feature improves performance and support for OpenGL ES, version 2.0, which allows developers create games with better graphics. So run games much faster, and experience richer, more realistic textures and detail.

Search, buy and 1000 Games
games directly from your iPod touch

App Store
Make your iPod Touch even more amazing with the App Store. All you need is a Wi-Fi Over 75,000 applications and games, and buy what you want with a simple touch.

A new feature of iPod Touch allows you to find new applications even easier. Genius is for applications, and works as a musical genius. Tap the Genius icon and get recommendations for the applications you might like based on those already downloaded.

The accelerometer inside iPod touch detects when you rotate iPod touch from portrait to landscape mode automatically changes what you see on the screen. But the beauty of the accelerometer comes into play when it is really at stake For example, in racing games on any iPod turns on the wheel. O balance games like reverse.

What differentiates the iPod touch apart from traditional portable gaming is its revolutionary Multi-Touch. This means that not only a game, which is interacting with the game in turn, fingers in a skilled skater. Test your reflexes, as is the challenge of benefits by the time of a song. You can even turn your iPod touch into a musical instrument like drums or guitar. It's all thanks to the brilliance Technology Multi-Touch.

More than 75,000 applications.
With thousands of games available on the App Store, iPod touch is an arcade pocket. Choose between the types of games like puzzle, strategy, role playing, and more. Besides games, you can buy applications in the categories as music, entertainment, social networks, and many others. What makes your iPod touch uniquely yours, and the best iPod you'll ever own.

Box Contains

  • iPod touch
  • Headphones with Remote and Mic
  • USB 2.0
  • Adapter Dock
  • Quick Start Guide

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