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learn guitar for free on the internet
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The electric guitar Fuentes need …?

Ok I am a blues, heavy metal, metal, rock, punk and guitar parts. I am not solo, but that's what I'm here. Sincerely, two years ago in a fender sqiure start playing the blues. But I have not really learned a lot and decided to go to blues and metal Skrew. Thus, he proposes to become the best man the rhythm of metal in my school that has many guitar players. But the problem is that (for whatever reason) can not play alone … Is this a problem? I mean I can not do that my fingers are not enough to do it properly and been practicing four rolls a month and yet I do not get … I tried everything but its not working. . . Do you have any video resources are available free on the Internet that are compatible with the dial? I also want to learn scales, I'm sure it would be useful. Thank you very much

Dial-up is the problem of videos, but they can improve themselves ranges that you are familiar with a metronome. Playing with a metronome improves speed and accuracy. If you do not have a metronome, try the following links and http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/ has very good articles and tips on how further improve. Good luck!

learn guitar for free on the internet