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learn guitar amplifiers
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Should I take up electric guitar or bass?

Bass players seem to be more rare, so it seems like it would be easier to find a place in a band after playing a couple years. Bass doesn’t seem too difficult to learn either.

Guitar players are everywhere, so I think I would have a hard time ever joining a band, even after years of practice because I cant sing. Although, the guitar seems to be a fun instrument for solo use, which is what I would be doing for the next few years. I also have access to lots of guitar instruction/lessons but none for the bass.

I have about $200 to spend on a guitar or bass starter kit (with amp, case, cable, strap, tuner, and everything).

Any suggestions on which one to get, or where to buy it?

I’m thinking about getting:




Are these a good buy? Which do I pick!?! Gahh, I don’t know!

Bass is easier than guitar, except for me because the strings are very thick for my tiny fingers.

Knowing the guitar helps a lot with the bass, pretty much to the point that if you can play the guitar, you can play a bass. The strings are the same tuning. Of course, if you want to play slap bass or something, that’s different.

Ultimately, it’s pretty useful to know how to play the guitar if you’re in music since its such a widely used instrument. Even if you don’t sell yourself as a guitar player.

learn guitar amplifiers

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