Kids Electric Guitar Learning Dvd

kids electric guitar learning dvd
Electric Guitar for Kids – DVD 2

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Can you recommend good, gothic, post-punk, alternative, death rock guitar learning materials (books, DVDs, etc.)?

I begin learn electric guitar, and I'm hoping to play gothic, gothic post-trad-punk, alternative, death rock style. Can anyone recommend good books education, dvds etc for when I learned the basics (which is not too hard yet) along the lines of, sisters of mercy, Soulscapes, London After Midnight Garden of Delights, the cult of fear, the Bauhaus, the Jerusalem Syndrome, the Last Dance, Inkubus sukubus, Clan of Xymox, etc. Not definitely emo, creepy children, black metal and I'm looking online and I can not find something in this style (and yes I am aware of this type music that uses lots of effects and distortion pedals, so if you save me im good enough for the vox tone lab models :-)) thank you very much, oh x lora and Fields of the Nephilim of 🙂 Of course not even heard of them? lol! thank you for the advice he trying to do individual songs. which have a characteristic style of play and I'm theory, scales ect

Great band list … I hope to find the answer to that too …

kids electric guitar learning dvd

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