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Which should I buy? Xbox 360 or Wii?

I’m thinking of buying a gaming console but I’m not sure which one I should buy. I haven’t played any video games since the Nintendo 64 era. I know the Wii can get you physically interactive and on the 360 you can do that Live thing where you play with other people from around the world. But what are some pros and cons to both?

(By the way, I’m not really into RPGs. I’d most likely only be playing race car games, sports, and Guitar Hero. So which one is best for those type of games?)

I would recommend the Wii: Xbox 360 is really for serious gamers. If you go online and you don’t know what your doing, it’s not any fun! The Wii is a blast to play with friends or by yourself, plus it’s cheaper. I have a Wii and considered purchasing an Xbox 360, but I no longer feel the need to because the Wii is such a fun and complete system.

interactive guitar play pro

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