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guitar play and share free download
How to play GRENADE by Bruno Mars on Guitar

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i want to write my own songs….?

i want to write songs, and i already write down my own lyrics. but i cant play any instrument, piano, guitar, nothing. and i have no friends that play any instruments either. but i take choir and im familar with the notes and stuf. so i was wondering if there is any website that i can make instrumental stuff on where i can make the music and play it back and stuff, and also thats free, and i dont have to download anything??? i want to do this so i have some ideas when i write my songs so then when i do meet people that play instruments and i get close to them i can share my ideas and stuff. please help!
can someone tell how to use garageband????

well, I don’t know of any website, but I know of a software, called ‘Magix Music Maker Deluxe 12’, (they already have v.14 out) website: ( and its the software I use to make all my music, and the nice thing about it is you can synth almost any instrument, (although it helps if you know how to play it) however you don’t have to know how to as long as you are very familiar with notes and ‘strings’

Also the nice thing, is you can export all music to MP3 format, and put it on CD’s, your ipod or zune, or DVDR’s

Also the nice thing is you can master all of your music yourself, and import recordings of your lyrics.
I’ve made studio quality songs with a small 550$ soundboard and that software.

the software retails for about 80$ and you can find it at your local bestbuy or circuit city.

If your not extremely computer savvy and don’t want to write your own music.

try hooking up with an artist whom has no lyrical talent. Or can’t sing, but can make and write music.

there are literally hundreds of these types of sites with thousands of artists… I’m one of them

hit me up if you ever want second opinions, feedback or want to see if I can demo some music for you.

I’d be very happy to demo music for you.
totally free.

Good luck!
with finding what your looking for, and with your music!

you never know, you could be the next big thing!

guitar play and share free download

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