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i can play guitar cartridges
Chamber the Cartridge Rise Against cover

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Is Guitar Hero On Tour for DS any good?

I've seen, and it's great. I have no console compatible with Guitar Hero, which made me very sad since that race once in my Wii friend and it was absolutely incredible fun. Now I hear that the only thing that I waited for Guitar Hero on DS left me I'm very happy because I have a DS. But is it good? How it differs little the original version are not portable? And if you have the strap with buttons for play. Say you only the game cartridge, but no strap buttons. T all that? Can you make it work?

It's a great game! Many people like, it's getting higher scores than expected. When you buy this game ($ 50.00 for new) that comes with the block (the thing and strap buttons on this). The game does not work without power. If you remove the block, while the DS tells you turn off the power and plug back in so basically you need the block (accompanying) and is a great game

i can play guitar cartridges