How To Play Guitar Through Computer

how to play guitar through computer
Altar of Sacrifice into Jesus Saves – Slayer covers (with solos) by Freddy Delacruz

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Dual audio recording on a video?

Hello, I'm recording a video of the guitar at the entrance to the breeding Song computer through headphones sync with what I play live through a microphone so that the original media and without a sound distortion, and as she recorded through a microphone without a helmet so basically I want to record my guitar through a microphone and recording audio song together, but thanks to the computer has no plans for audio speakers. How can I do that? Is there a particular program, center because my webcam does not give me an option for a second run through

Listen (and record) your hand, hear the song played through headphones or a loudspeaker of the monitor. You have a video with a soundtrack. Turn your songs into a format that can be used by Windows Movie Maker or other software assembly that is used to edit. now has other audio files. Upload a video or audio clip primary. Load the title of the second audio track. The trick is to synchronize that. (Shift + right or the arrow keys on the left allows you to make very small adjustments. Since I was playing with the song registered, all you have to do is the principle of synchronization and the rest will fall into place.

how to play guitar through computer