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Report on the effect of music specially composed for the mother and child

Music for Mother and Child

Summary of a report on the effect of music composed especially in fetuses, infants, toddlers and parents

"We just visited for a couple and their child is 8 months. At one point during the night she was agitated and anxious. I put in the CD "Tales From The Sea CD Series" Music for Mother and Child "and began to listening, and calm with her mother. After a short time she slept – and my unborn child "dance" in my belly). "(Ann's mother to be

Background and Purpose

In the summer of 1999, both musicians and composers, Claus Jensen and Henrik Birk D Aabo, produced a series of music CDs for Mother and Child, which contains music specially composed and designed to calm fetuses, infants, toddlers and their parents. In the process, and Henrik Claus was so passionate responses from people who have decided achieve private study of the effects of music in pregnant women, babies and their parents.

He wanted to study the direct effect on the fetus / baby and the indirect effect: if the music could calm the parents and if parents peace of mind can positively affect or be given to the fetus / Child.

In addition to studying how music affects the study participants, they wanted to know how often and when the music was used and for how long at a time. Participants had the CD and a questionnaire as a checklist with space for additional comments.


44 people attended the 12-week study. The 44 participants were divided into three groups:

1. Mothers-to-be, some of them gave birth during the study.
2. Parents with infants and children 0-3 years.
3. Professionals who work with children or pregnant women.

How makes music

The idea of the CD came from a common desire of musicians to compose music that could for the fetus / newborn a good start in life. To do so is recognized as extreme agitation to leave the womb and suddenly the face of the "real" world. They wanted to compose music that could ensure the internal and external security of peace and tranquility.

One thing that impressed composers is that when its investigation that the Tomatis articleabout read a French physicist widely recognized, and learned that the hearing is the first sense that develops, and the fetus has a fully developed sense of hearing for the 6 th month.

Conclusion of the study
Among pregnant women surveyed, 88% were positively affected by music. Most of them described the effect of terms such as "rest" "Calm" and others. It was found that listening to music on their fear of childbirth has been replaced by trust in a positive experience of birth.

It creates a personal space music, so instead of depression that are solutions to what could be done. 79% of pregnant women may have a reaction of the fetus, either frequently or occasionally or rarely. More directly to the fetus could feel settled and respond music. Two participants use of music during childbirth, and both had a positive experience with it, because music is rest as and relaxation.

New parents surveyed, 93% positively influenced by the music and the typical reaction is that the music was exceptionally quiet and good for stress, which is turned on, etc. na been negatively affected.

The study shows that music, in addition to an obvious effect on the fetus, had a very positive effect on infants and small children. 72% of respondents felt that music had a positive effect on their children. Many reactions of very important and powerful experience.

55% of respondents aware of the positive reaction of children while once, while 17% responded that the reaction occurred after the child had heard the music several times.

Reactions Typical notable satisfaction, a calm, listen to the child, "the child to be quiet," the child falls asleep faster, etc. It has been said that "music is the drug end when my child is sick." Nobody in the group noticed a negative reaction to the music of their children. However, there was a boy who did not like the sound of dolphins.

All professionals noticed not only important reactions of children treated, but often parents. An account of a reaction every time a child was in treatment, while the other two responded "often". Words like "peace, peace", "interior presence and calm" that "music produces children" discrete and attentive, etc., is used to describe children's reactions.

Regarding the indirect effect on the baby / toddler, which is the effect achieved when parents and calm their status is given to babies / young children, we can not draw some conclusions our studies. But we refer to the section on stress, where 57% of parents surveyed believe that there is a link between stress and anxiety their children.

Given that 93% believed that music had a positive effect on parents themselves, and reduce your stress, we can draw provide a conclusion that music should also have an indirect effect on positive children or the fetus.

About CDs
The series of music CDs for the mother and the child is composed of three CDs:

1. Windchimes, appropriate for pregnant women, children and babies
2. Tales of the Sea, for 0-1 years and their parents
3. Cuts Nursery, 1-2 years and their parents

Composers talk about the CD:

"The music CD music mother and child elements contains specially selected to be relaxing for fetuses and newborns, and the elements more generally to all age groups. Thus, music can be used both for the unborn, infants, toddlers and adults.

Bells in the wind which is on long passages continuously. Through a dialogue with a reflexologist who has specializes in working with children, we learned that continuity is an important element to calm young children. Too many breaks in the music can be very disturbing for young children.

Therefore, the CD consists of two long passages connected by light, wind chimes melodious. The music has a quality of light and airy, and is thought of as a soft blanket of sound. In addition to continuous wind chimes, the instruments we have chosen are Native American drums, which, according to Americans represent the beating heart of Mother Earth, the human voice as a tool, and acoustic guitar and his voice clear. The music is composed of both an intuitive and harmonious balance of structures from an analysis more.

Thus, among others, aware Windchimes is a period of five sweet nuances of the structure, which is completely devoid of tension.

In tales of dolphins in the sea and the use of sound waves as noise elements appellants. Over the centuries many people have been affected emotionally by listening to sounds fascinating dolphins, and we felt we would help to give expression to music right.

We all come from the water element, and we quickly realized that the child is more aware reacted very positively to the created nature, gentle rhythm of the sounds of the sea

In addition, this CD uses Tibetan singing bowls and bells, which have a unique tone and an essential element of force, which is soothing for children and adults. Tales from the sea is generally considered a journey of conscience from the surface to the deep layer (below the sea) that ends with a homecoming symbolized in the composition of the sea is my home.

The newest CD, Songs cradle, is, as its name suggests, a series of lullabies new composition, each has its own story. Compared with other two CDs, the melodic material is a significant advance, so that better align with the consciousness of the child and the ability real understanding of melodic sequences.

At the same time, we tried to preserve the peaceful and safe atmosphere for repetition intended use as an artistic effect. Some of the compositions of songs crib has almost a hypnotic, which naturally affects the experience sound adults. "

About the composers

Claus Jensen is a composer, guitarist D amnd qualified with a bachelor's degree at the Music Conservatory of Jutland. He has played professionally since 1984 and has taught at the music school, college and school at night. He is involved in scientific research on the effect of several of audioprograms music and relaxation in hospitals and audioprograms self-hypnosis to pregnant women.

Henrik Birk Aabo was educated at the Institute for Musicology at the University Aarhus, and has taught both college and music schools. In addition to working as an arranger and composer in various contexts. It has its own company, Corona Music (www.coronamusic.dk) with a recording studio and music publishing. He has published several collections of music in his own name.

During the report:

"Because of a previous birth trauma, I am afraid of childbirth. Music has a calming influence and focus on me, and I had more confidence in a positive birth experience. "(A mother to be)

"If there is a danger, the fetus has become more calm when I was playing music."
(A mother to be)

"With the disease, when the child was restless and unhappy, this music was the final product. "(Mother infant mortality)

"They are delightful CD. Not only the mother-be and young children. As for adults." (Reflexology)

"My clients achieve a sense of lightness to feel like they are floating on the table and a sense of presence more rapidly than other music. For the best effect on this process that I used the CD, Tales of the Sea. " (Reflexologist)

"Wonderful stimulation on stress, hip-hop radio and other advertisements. Very relaxing! "(Mother of baby)

"I am relaxed more – sloping shoulders, etc. for lactation. Beautiful to listen to – uplifting and rest). "(Mother of baby

"Often it becomes more and stop mourn alone. She falls fast asleep when I play music when it's time for her to sleep. "(Mother baby)

"Our son looks more relaxed and seems to lie and listen because it sounds good. "(Mother baby)

"She listened with considerable intensity and calm, especially during childhood, when she was a little more tired or hysterical. "(Mother of baby)

"If he cries, stops quickly when fantasies and dreams to grow. "(The mother)

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