How To Play Guitar Really Fast

how to play guitar really fast
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Can I scrape technical REALLY fast? ..?

I know that practice is the key, but there are techniques to facilitate strum .. and … more fast? thank you. is for the rhythm guitar while .. I mean, I have to play very fast.

Hello, Some of the posters are correct. This is the wrist when you scratch. The arm is used to display / presentation than anything else. Make sure to use the minimum movement possible. In addition, make sure Complete your strumming not go beyond the strings (the strings, but your hand is still below the strings). The up strum is generally what kills a lot of beginners and average players. You must ensure that the selection of pinching between thumb and forefinger. Thus, in the up strum, which is to lead the force with the index pushing upward. Note also that attack chains scratch. Even when playing chords, usually scratch not 6 or 5 strings, unless you make a appregio or something. Usually target two or three strings each scratch, watching this. The smallest amount of space on your journey with, the faster it can go. Also get a metronome. This will help you get information quickly and accurately. Simply define something like 75 to start. Then down scratch scratch on every click and up between each click. If it is too difficult, then switch to scrape and scratch on every click. As we move faster, move the tempo. I hope to be in the correct direction. Tearing can be difficult, but once you understand it, it plays no easy piece.

how to play guitar really fast

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