How To Play Guitar Notes For Beginners

how to play guitar notes for beginners
BC-151 • A7, D7, E7 Chords (Guitar Lesson)

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guitar notes for beginners? 10 points?

I am a junior in high school and began playing guitar when I was a freshman, but unfortunately, my father let me take the guitar 2 my second year and I do not take the guitar this year because there was not important enough room … and then my problem is I can not remember how to play guitar chords and forgot how read the notes and EGBDF FACE .. can someone explain to me and in which the guitar line to follow? thank you very much!

All music is written in an "evil" (often called staff), with five lines with four spaces between lines.Each note has its place in a line or a space. The guitar is written in treble clef (also called "G" key) is called the "G" key, because the note "G" is written on the second line of staff that is where the circle of the flagship brand of short duration, the second line of the staff. As you may remember that the note "G" is the position in the second row of the board of directors may work on other notes of the same. Reading from Below: The first line E …." Note ", then the space noted …….." F "rating ….. then the second line" G "and note space …….. "A" Note the third line and then ….. "B" and note space ….. .. "C" Note ……." then fourth line D Zone E ………" Note then "And fifth note line F …….."" This completes the notes in the line of five and four spaces in the personal touch, but also write guitar top and young workers who use what is called the "book" lines. Be written in the same trend – Place a note between the notes that are in a single line. A simple trick to remember the notes: Note Each switch between a line and space. Note that the "E" is written in next line appears for the first time in a Space.Going up or down to "E" line should be in a space. The same rule applies to every note. The six open strings (open means that when you press do not worry) of the guitar and how to start the low E (six channels) to E high (first string) are: EADGBE, then the first box Freight is 1 / 2 TONE UP FOR OPEN STRINGS. Rule to remember: In the note from B to C is a halftone also notes E to F is a sound way .= addition one box. For the rest of the note A to B – C and D – DE – F to G and GA are a whole tone of so that these notes are two boxes away from each other. We hope this information is of little help. Enjoy your guitar.

how to play guitar notes for beginners