How To Make Your Guitar Play Easier

how to make your guitar play easier
How To Make Your Own Guitar Jam Backing Tracks, Fast & Easy!

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all guitar players, I need your help?

my friend wants to make a CD cover for her. Enuff easy gift for the concept Christamas more later part. she wants me to play a song on the guitar and sing. problem is that I had the rotten guitar teacher and never really learned. I know it's hsot a long time, but is there someone who can give me a song on guitar SIMPE of your choice if you want. IF YOU preferaby know "what is the moon" by the sound of silence. or Eisley marvelous things. I know that you are the moon is originally played on the piano, but PLEASE! HELP. email me! or a webcam, or whatver! send video tutorials step by step please. I tried to find a place on YouTube, but I do not understand not well and need help. if youwant points, but I'll make you want to respond better or better help, but have to say how Furst'd.

I 've Broski. I do not know to make a video, but I can not explain very well on an e-mail or something. You are the moon has a rope that I do not think you can handle more .. send me an E-mail this yahoo account and I'd be more than willing to help. Email is bear.man67 @

how to make your guitar play easier

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