How To Learn Guitar Tabs Fret

how to learn guitar tabs fret
Never Grow Up by Taylor Swift (guitar cover) with TABS

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How to read music?

Hello I am currently trying to learn this song: But the thing is that I'm not sure how to read labels. As if I'm not sure if I should read from left to right and all the numbers (I know tells you what fret to hold) is really confusing me. Can someone teach me to read these labels please? =]

First, each line represents a string. The top line chainmail is high on his guitar. The nearest line is the B chain on its guitar. You read the map from left to right. The numbers indicate which fret to hold. When the numbers are directly above or below other issues play the two strings. I hope you understand this and good luck. Some symbols can be found, / slide up slide h note hammer-on p pull off ~ vibrato + harmonic x Mute

how to learn guitar tabs fret