How To Learn Guitar Scales Fast

how to learn guitar scales fast
Learn the Major Scale on the Guitar Part 1 of 2

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It is easy for me to piano after a year of learning the guitar?

I can change chords (almost all the chords you known) with the comfort, My strumming is excellent. I can only play a little faster. It takes me 10 minutes to an hour to learn a song. I can do ranges major and pentatonic scales. To cut the story, I'm good at the guitar today. I'm torn between learning the piano or drums as follows. I have a group, guitar / vocals and all other group members know how to play drums. I am the only one who does not know. For the piano, I like sound and that was my original plan to learn the piano before the guitar. I want to know if it will be easy for an experienced guitarist. Haha thank you, but I think the guitar is more fun for me. 🙂 I love playing. Can not say the same thing that I'll learn. But thank you for the entry itself.

You will have an advantage over beginners, if you have experience with the pace and are already developing a type of ear music. Let me say this first: congratulations! He learned all this in a year? : D From a viewpoint of the band, probably learn the battery but seeing that all members of the band can play the drums, except that I probably will not;) The piano is very versatile. With the piano and guitar to be able reproduce not only themselves but also to accompany people. The singers, players of clarinet, for example: P. With music for piano and guitar to be able to play famous pieces from classical (Mozart's piano concertos: D) to rock, etc. .. It will be easier! I recommend it! Good luck and I hope it Help! : D I hope your skills on the guitar twice next year!

how to learn guitar scales fast

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