Guitar World 50 Fastest Guitar Players

guitar world 50 fastest guitar players
Fastest guitar player- Bad Hair Day

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Always Perfect Sound Features The Great Kat in "The Great Kat Shred-Omani"

CHARACTERISTICS OF ITS PERFECT FOREVER The Great Kat in "The Great Kat and mash-Omani!


"The Great Kat music is a unique, surprising and inevitable. The Great Kat is a metal female crushing capacity heavy technical, no doubt, and advanced rapidly in his instruments. His technique is impeccable, and control skills are amazing. It is very impressive to see and have technical alternatives. It is actually one of the best guitarists there is, bar none ".

– Gary Gomes, his perfect forever

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The Great Kat Shred innovative / M usic Virtuoso classical CD "Wagner's War", "Rossini's Rape", "Bloody Vivaldi" Guitar Goddess "and" Digital Beethoven On Cyberspeed "CD-ROM/CD are beingdistributed by MVD and will be available worldwide at major retailers and online merchants such as Barnes & Noble, Best Buy,, HMV Japan, CD Universe,, Amazon Japan, UK Canada, France and Germany and more stores October 5, 2010.

The Great Kat CD and video clips are available for download on iTunes. The Great Kat CDs are available for download at

Contact for copies of the Great Kat Beethoven's Guitar Shred " DVD, CD Guitar Shred or interviews: Karen Thomas Thomas PR, 631-549-7578  

The Great Kat

-The Great Kat Named "50 most guitarists of all time" – Guitar World Magazine

"The name of Great Kat "TOP 10 FASTEST SHREDDERS OF ALL TIME" Price – Guitar Magazine

-The Great Kat Named "12 Great Women of electric guitar "- Elle Magazine

The Great Kat-name "100 wildest guitar hero" – Sian Llewellyn, Classic Rock Magazine

– "The women I think it's now a superhero dark sent by the ghosts of previous composers to make sure nobody forgets what they are crazy, by any means necessary, one, the only, the Great Kat !!!!" – Evil Ian Miller, AV Maniacs

"It is fast, technical and hard to play and he connects well with classical music. Great Kat is almost sparks from fingers. The Guitar Shred DVD of Beethoven's last place, with wonderful tracks. For those who love speed, it hits – "Inglez Henrique de Souza, Guitar Player Magazine Brazil

guitar world 50 fastest guitar players