Learn How To Play Guitar Solos Free

learn how to play guitar solos free
How to Play Electric Guitar Solos : How to Play a Natural Minor Scale for Electric Guitar Solos

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music theory and friends?

I can play guitar, make my own line, a complete song, with a solo in the pentatonic key of the song and so on. But I do not think I'm really learning something, I'm just playing and experimenting. Since I want and need to fully learn music theory, how can I do this as much as possible for free (insanley money is tight right now) and / or online? And how to bind the music theory to write the lyrics of a song? I taught for 3 years.

I am a classical musician, but I think I a tip for you. It's great to play and experiment is an important part of learning. In addition, however, find songs that you like, and often it can be done online, and learn chord structure. You can google "song such'n'such agreement progress or the title song with "strings" or "score". Alternatively, you can find books at low prices with transcriptions of popular songs online stores and music. As you learn more songs, not only by the placement of the fingers, but also an understanding of the structure agreement, you will gain a more large "vocabulary" that certain sequences of sound arrangements and what effect they have on you. Pay attention to, say, a song higher, which makes the F # minor change of feeling? How long with the lyrics? How effective is it? Also, try to get an understanding of how F # minor is associated with a higher, in the same way a child is related to C major …. Do not understand the connections on the keys already? If not, get in contact me and I'll help you. Then you can take elements of these sequences of effects and apply them to their own writing. In short, experimentation is often the classical musician who has not, and formal understanding is often what the master himself did not. We can reconcile this with communication. Hope this help.

learn how to play guitar solos free