Guitar Play The Blues

guitar play the blues
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The best blues guitarist for under $ 500?

What is the best guitar to play blues on a budget? I play a lot of Zeppelin BB King and. I want your blues and RG2EX1 Ibáñez and good, but not the deep sound I want.

I have a Gibson SG. Blues sounds fucking great. I suggest going down to your local guitar retailer. Come, tell them you need a tuner and a peak, and you want to view the guitars they have. Choose one at a time and play through a nice tube amp for blues or something. Sit down and waste time for a few hours. I'm sure it will render its decision on the type of ringtone you want. It also helps to bring money and be intending to buy. These guys set up with a lot of holes dill just goes to show their lame Metallica. So we know that you have cash and are looking to buy today! They would be more inclined to help.

guitar play the blues