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easy way to learn guitar online
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Should I learn acoustic or classical guitar?

I've never played an instrument before but always wanted. I mean a lot of country music, and play like that, in addition to singing classic songs like Oasis' Wonderwall. I'm ready to buy a guitar so if people believe it is easier to learn in a certain type, then sell and update my progress. I read a lot online and I do not understand much, so I'm looking for advice someone who has some experience, not only to read all the blogs that I read last week. I mean that the best way possible:) me it is a conventional acoustic guitar, which was regarding the steel vs nylon strings and different sounds they make. I'm looking to spend less than NZ $ 250 if I can. Basically I am torn between making a classic cheap to learn the basics, then once I hit the update, or to obtain a string of solid steel top to have for some time

They are the same, but definitely go to electricity – which seems much better

easy way to learn guitar online