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60 GB PS3? Every PS3 owner knows most of these?

I'm looking to buy a PS3 60 GB online. Mainly because I want to play PS2 games. I have only questions. 1. The Internet is free, but he throws a few questions. Can you get wifi router life (Linsys example). Except What exactly is not Ethernet? 2. In the 60 GB drive the emotion that all PS2 games work. If not, what habit or simply give me a list. 3. Does it come with an HDMI cable? 4. The normal DVD? Finally (at least for now) 5. PS2 controllers (eg, Guitar Hero guitar) work, or adapter. If yes, how is the map? And what about memory cards? Just answer as much as you know. 10 points best answer!

Are you lucky. I am a major contributor in this section means that you really know what I mean = D .. 1) The PS3 essentially be like a new laptop. It is configured like a laptop. You go into the category of settings and scroll down to the network, and you install it like any laptop or computer. Yes, it has built in Wi-Fi as opposed to 360 in you have to buy a $ 100 add. Ethernet is designed for those who did no wi-fi. Basically, you take the string you have in your router and connect to your PS3. The 60GB model comes with this cable. The 40gb does not, but they also 80GB. 2. The 60gb plays 99% of PS2 games. Plays all ages. There was a website, but I forgot what it was = S. Most major parties Working people really like. 3. None of the PS3 comes with an HDMI cable, but who cares, you can go buy one for $ 10. The price has not importance of an HDMI cable do not be fooled to buy a $ 100 one when you can get good for 10 Buks perfectlly. 4. If the PS3 standard DVD and Blu-ray. Just come and look. Blu-ray is a new technology but soon will be a lot of movies Blu-ray so keep that in mind. 5. Yes i had the same question when I went to get my PS3 at launch. I was disappointed not to find the PS2 ports. Fortunately, in December of 06, launched the adapters. They have USB to PS2 ports of Guitar Hero, DDR and PS2 controllers work. NOTE: For the guitar hero with the adapter does not hammer-ons and pull-offs, or start power tilt. They also have a memory card to USB adapters are also $ 15. Hope that helps. if you have any questions at all e-mail me at

play guitar hero online free game