How To Play Guitar Solos By Ear

how to play guitar solos by ear
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beginner guitar scales?

I'm really good at guitar i can play almost every song from Led Zeppelin songs and a lot of 60 and 70 years and I'm in a band and we're pretty good when I do solos can be played by ear and what sounds good. I want to learn to play blues scales Mosty major, minor, pentatonic, and simple in all shades. Can anyone give me a link to a site with detailed instructions, but not a million pages read, or perhaps a video explaing the

Here's how to get the color scales. wwhwwwh make a ticket, a series of 12 notes. Following the this guide, you can get a chromatic scale. You should start there. w = whole h = half-step.

how to play guitar solos by ear