Guitar Learning Kit

guitar learning kit
Jamorama! The Ultimate Guitar Learning Kit

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Please help me to start learning the guitar?

I just got a Fender acoustic guitar on the last two hours. No cables or something I know style, I do not know where to start. If someone could give me advice, quality Web sites and ideas that come to mind. I have the kit with photos and a tuner and all those good things, so you do not need advice on what do. There is also an advantage to learn to play with or without a photo? I have heard of plucking the strings, I guess that means no pictures? I really do not know anything.

Awesome. A guitar tuner is a real advantage when only begins. Watch this video about how to read tablature Guitar: You not all, compare the first 3 minutes and you'll be able to play the melody used Kesha in his song "Take It Off: Another fairly Easy is a simplified version of Fur Elise by Beethoven: the practice until your fingers hurt, then go to sleep. 😎

guitar learning kit