Guitar Learning Cds

guitar learning cds
Slap Guitar Lesson – Rob Scallon –

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Learning the guitar is frustrating !!!!?

I would like to learn to play acoustic guitar. I had my own guitar for about 2 years. I tried many different methods to learn to play, but every time I take the guitar is certain I will learn, I'm so frustrated I want to scream! The methods were discussed by the book, CD, video tutorial and how-to articles. Nothing works! I am a visual, but video playback going too fast for me! It becomes very frustrating, all I want to do is play guitar !!!!!

I agree with Stan, you need someone who plays to help you get started. When I was young, my father taught me three chords, G, C and D. I saw him play a bit until I picked up the pace and I was on my way to go. I also learned to give my guitar by ear. I would take the key of a song on the radio was playing, you at least one channel to listen, then set the rest of the chain. (There is no electronic tuners then) take lessons will also help out. In hindsight I wish I would have took a few. The most important thing I can say that we never give up. If you really want to be a guitarist who needs a lot of practice.

guitar learning cds