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free bass lessons
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Where can I find lessons for beginners for free?

I am a relatively new musician began playing drums ago 2 years, I have already advanced to the point where I can play in a big event. Keep in mind I play for my church, the department Music has no members so that when I arrived 2 years ago that helped the department, but in its present form in the training we have a bassist, and all people who want to join to read the battery, so now I want to start Bass. I've always loved, but my teacher suggested I not start drums and bass at the same time, so now is not the time to take the second. I do not have access to a credit card or other means to pay for his lessons so free, it would be preferable

I went to my google search bar and writing classes for beginners and for free under an incredible amount of them are available. To do this, go and choose. Good for you.

free bass lessons