Female Guitar Players Pictures

female guitar players pictures
Karen Segal Trio “Epiphany (aha!)” Live at Yoshi’s SF 10/14/09

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Help us name our new kitten for Christmas?

My twins have a new kitten for Christmas. She is a tortoiseshell. Here is a link to a image. http://www.flickr.com/photos/12179099 @ N05/2113136381 / I suggest the names of my twins, who are almost 6. We think of our names the same origin another cat Angus (Scotland or Ireland) or a female rock star, or Christmas. Angus is named after Angus Young, guitarist ACDC – my two eldest son gave him the name. The names we have so far: Noelle, Fiona, Aoife (EE-fa). It is a bit shy, but begins to heat up for us. Thank you for your help

I think Aoife is a small and beautiful name … Of course, Ivy, Holly, snowflake, they are all cute … But I think their twins, and you'll be amazed the names are cute occur.

female guitar players pictures