Electric Guitar Playing Techniques

electric guitar playing techniques
Electric Guitar Lesson #1: Plectrum Technique

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Play electric guitar in the band of young people?

Heya. This may be a stupid question, but my youth pastor asked me to play the electric guitar for a youth group this week. I play more or less always a good acoustic or a bass. I know it's vague, but there techniques or tips for playing with an electric group (with standard partitions)? Thank you.

If you play scoring, it is clear that As play goes on reading scores. As such, there is really no difference between an acoustic or electric guitar. Notes on the two instruments are similar, the ring is different. You may think this is like playing a piano before an ordinary electric piano or organ – the notes are exactly the same, although the sound may be very different. As I see it, all you talk with your pastor and keep in mind is the volume, use effects, why not require an acoustic shock, etc.

electric guitar playing techniques

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