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Guitar Tricks Review: 45 instructors for less than the price of one?

In late 1990, Jon Broderick search the Internet for teaching guitar line and came away empty. His frustrations led to the creation of the guitar tricks of the site, he says he started guitar lessons online video.

There are about 45 different instructors deliver more than 3,000 video lessons. Each instructor is an experienced guitarist and many teachers are natural. So some are less comfortable than others to the camera that everyone seems to have an orderly progression of logic lessons.

Who else will benefit from these video guitar lessons online?

There are guitar lessons beginners who have never touched a guitar. There are also classes for intermediate and advanced students, covering the most important genres of guitar, techniques, folk songs and style individual many famous musicians.

These lessons are designed for players of acoustic guitar or electric?

The lessons are designed for a wide range of acoustic and electric guitars.

A partial list of categories of lesson: Basics, Blues, Country, Rock, Acoustic, Bluegrass, Blues, Classical, Country, energy, Funk, Jazz, Metal, Rock, Rockabilly, Surf, World Studies, technical studies of individual artists and popular songs.


The videos have trouble running smoothly, without stopping. Apparently, sometimes they simply could not load fast enough to keep reading. Edit video with parameters lowest quality greatly reduces the number of times that would not make a big difference in image quality.

guided practice sessions, where a trainee instructor with the student to teach the discipline of practical techniques of living, could be stronger.

Offer Guitar desire Advice from a DVD containing all the current teachings. This would avoid the task takes a long time to download the videos for those wishing to view them offline.

The Positive

Guitar Tricks seems a major effort to continually add new lessons and articles.

To date, tricks guitar includes more styles of guitar music for any online company.

Their website is organized logically and very friendly.

video lessons can be downloaded directly to your hard drive, if you prefer to view without using the Internet. This is especially useful if your Internet connection happens to be running slowly in a given day.

With over 45 instructors who are not constrained by the strengths and weaknesses of a single teacher.

The price of $ 14.95 is charged once a month but you can start and stop at will without penalty if you do not have money every month.

The lessons are well thought out, consistent delivery and structure.

Support: Guitar Tricks supports its members a newsletter, the GT channel, a video lessons and tips newsletter, a forum with over 200,000 posts to ask questions of their peers and instructors. There is also a helpline and e-mail.

Warranty: 60 Day No one, no problems, money back guarantee.

Price: In the meantime, the subscription service is $ 14.95 per month if you pay each month. Only $ 10.75 per month if you pay $ 129 in advance for a entire year.


This is a program of guitar lessons easy to recommend for To beginners and advanced players to improve their technical understanding of music theory or simply add a new style of play that Rockabilly to her repertoire.

I prefer a little more information and Master Guitar DVD for beginner guitar students mainly because Steve Krenz is my favorite video guitar teacher, but lessons have a little more detail and provide guided practice sessions. However, Guitar Tricks is always a good number of two options for new players.

The conclusion is that no other guitar lessons offers many instructors who teach many musical genres, techniques so diverse, so many studies of famous guitarists and their songs all for just $ 14.95 per months. No matter that the guitar lesson program is decided by its main source to learn the guitar first, this should be seriously considered as a complementary study for everyone. Undoubtedly high on guitar tricks on my short list of recommendations.

electric guitar players forum