Learn Guitar Long Island

learn guitar long island
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Learning the guitar?

Ok, a year ago I have a free acoustic guitar when I bought my trumpet. I not touched the guitar or tryed to learn yet. im 15 so I think it would be nice to know how. Is there a website where I can learn to play simple songs or atleast learn to read music labels. One of my friends www.ultimate-guitar.com reconmended. but I need to read the taps. Also, I live in Long Island and go to the beach with my friends all the time and we sat around the fire. What are good songs I can learn to play guitar to play around the fire, they are good, or we can sing? thank you for the help

It is not certain: http://www.jamplay.com/guitarcords http://www.billbrutal.com/lesson1.html http://www.learntoplayguitar.com/ http://www.guitar.about.com/ http://www.cyberfret.com/chordsbeginnin http://www.guitarlessonworld.com/ http://www.guitarpeople . com http://www.stringdancer.com http://www.expertvillege.com/ (he has a free electronic tuner on the homepage in the upper right corner! It is a bit if you need it later, let me know, everybody likes jamplay! I hope these help, I'm sure they would like these when I started. As for the songs: Yesterday, The Beatles Time In A Bottle, Jim Croce Tears in Heaven, Clapton rock version of Canon, Pachelbel My Heart Will Go On, Titanic (Girls love that.) In My Life Beatles Blowin in the Wind Bob Dylan Landslide Fleetwood Mac I hope that's what I wanted, good luck to you, most of these songs playing style finger, so it looks like two or more guitars playing, but you can scratch. (I play classical guitar is why I prefer the finger style.) Choice and I do not get along too well, I'm so common with the fingers.

learn guitar long island