Can You Play Guitar Hero On Computer

can you play guitar hero on computer
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Is there a way to get Guitar Hero (II or III) on the computer?

I've seen people play other Real Guitar Hero your computer. No Frets on Fire, or without any other simulator. I do not have Guitar Hero (Xbox or Playstation) and I saw people play the songs as they were really hard. Is it possible to download songs for Guitar Hero Once you have? Can I connect a controller for Guitar Hero use on the computer? Anyway, please tell me where and how to get it for the team. Thank you!

yup u can: 1. go to and search "how to get guitar hero 3 pc 2. go to Google and search for downloading" Ares "to looking for areas of "Guitar Hero 3" No software or otherwise. Sometimes, installing GHIII on the PC is 5 days for the patient. : D.

can you play guitar hero on computer