Greatest Blues Guitar Players

greatest blues guitar players

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I have a problem with the guitar?

I change the strings of my guitar. I am currently using Dunlop 09. I heard that many great players are using 011 nanometers. I told my teacher I would like to take this too, and said they are very difficult to fold and to play fast licks on them. For course, not impossible, but harder than a gauge 09. He gave me some tips for using a time 08 next, but I really want to try using the 011. He also said used especially for the genres of metal. You can also play blues, jazz or rock and roll with them, but one thing is to fold a 08, and another to turn a 011. What do you think I should do? Is there a difference in sound? I use a 011!

Before jumping to 0011, using 010 to strengthen the first fingers. Otherwise, it will be woth the 0011 sentence. I know it's not a big problem with only 2000 of an inch away, but learned the hard way. It takes time to build enough strength to bend the fingers, especially 0011 for extended periods. Like gtar Czar suggested putting the 0010 is the best option, and then proceed to 0011. For jazz, blues, etc. .. It is a good indicator to use, and the agreement of fat and the overall tone.

greatest blues guitar players