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What is the best type of acoustic guitar to buy?

I want to teach myself to play guitar. I do not know exactly how to read music, but I can teach. What is the best brand of acoustic guitar to buy? (The low cost is a plus) Thanks.

Well, I do not worry I not much on the mark at first. A good guitar second hand is probably the best. There are many good brands at low prices on the market. Note that none can stick with him and can not be yours. Do not invest a lot of money. You want something that you can play. What are your hands? This is the first question. If your hands are small I highly recommend Daisy Rock guitars. They are designed for women (and men with small hands). If the neck is too thick you will have problems with things like barre chords later. The following is a good configuration. Here, you need someone who knows a little help guitars. Is the neck straight? If folded anywhere, will not be playable. Are there dead spots (which do not fret a note. Some guitars have places for any reason in which the sound the note and you literally get a "manager"). How is the action of the preparation? If the strings too high or low in the neck for you? Finally, keep the guitar melody above the neck. This is called intonation. Usually adjustable. Often, many of I'm talking about problems can be corrected in a guitar shop in order. Just look on spots in the neck. If there is a contrast when the note will not sound usually indicates a defect lifetime and can not be corrected. If you have someone familiar with guitars that can go with you and to know what question you can try to find a good used one at a time pawn shop or off Otherwise, buy from a reputable dealer like Guitar Center or a local music store, where someone will help you choose the instrument just for you. Keep in mind, not may not be on your side to buy the cheapest I can find. At the same time, you do not want to buy an expensive professional when you come begin. Good luck!

buy acoustic guitar