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learn guitar fretboard online
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Reduce noise while playing acoustic guitar squeaks?

Hey … well to get to 6 months, I started playing the guitar … Entirely self-taught. Everything I learned was using online maps, videos from YouTube and mostly trial and error. well, say that now I have to correct my technique picking (I use a truck, but it does not really matter), I noticed another major problem with sound: every time you raise or lower the height, he makes this horrible grinding noise. I can play "rhythm" style, so most of the songs I learned (or tried to learn) refers to "barre'ing the three channels. How can I reduce this crash? some advice, or is it just a matter of practice, trial and error, etc. .. I tried to lift the fingers strings session, but I just lost the agility (I need to get from September to June per second) so I practice? Thank you for any help (if you can make sense of that: S)

Hello, you learns to move his neck in silence is one of the most difficult challenges to play. Regardless of whether you play acoustic guitar or an electric. No matter what brand of strings you use. Every time you move your fingers will be unwanted noise. The trick is to learn to suppress noise. I Joe Satriani saw to that in a few video lessons on Youtube. The author discusses the subject here at about 1:41 in the video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hTl9GOSb_Fo&feature=PlayList&p=D950BB4C81AEDB0C&playnext_from=PL&playnext=1&index=11 Later

learn guitar fretboard online